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ESTE I     ABY switcher, guitar interface
Routing a guitar to 2 amplifiers
with compressor, overdrive, active EQ, effects loop, otput transformers

Manual (PDF)

Quickstart (PDF)


Routing a guitar to 2 amplifier outputs


Overdrive / Harmonics

Active EQ

Effects loop

2 amplifer outputs

 Made in Germany


Use two amplifiers with different sounds simultaneously with one guitar?
A mono-effect should be routed to a "wet" amplifier, a second amplifier should process the "dry" signal?
A stereo effect is to be distributed to 2 amplifiers?
ESTE I helps!
First, the guitar signal is routed through a compressor / overdrive / EQ section.
Afterwards it can be routed arbitrarily to 2 separate amplifier outputs. These are individually adjustable in volume.
In addition, an effect loop can be looped in, also in stereo.
The compressor works with a "smart" characteristic (microprocessor controlled) and is supported for weak input signals by a "boost" function.
The overdrive function is adjustable in the degree of distortion and mixing with the undistorted signal.
The active 4-band EQ offers a control range of +/- 12dB.
The two amp outputs are transformer coupled, ground loops are excluded.
The pedal provides both a true bypass (relay) and a buffered bypass. While the True Bypass guitar signal is directly connected to one of the amp outputs, the buffered bypass also includes the transformer coupling.
There is an additional tuner output, which is also operated by the bypass logic.
The switchable effect loop can be adjusted continuously between serial and parallel.
There are no operational amplifiers in the signal path! It is a fully discrete analog circuit with JFETs as active devices.
The supply voltage, supplied externally from a 9-18V power supply, is internally boosted to 24V for optimal dynamic range.
The overdrive section is designed to be "moderate", providing only extra harmonics and always supporting the basic sound of the connected instrument.
The individual JFET amplifier stages additionally enrich the overtone spectrum.
The basic character of the instrument is in the foreground,
ESTE I supports and expands this if necessary and provides the comfort of 2 independent amplifier outputs.

Frequently asked questions about ESTE I

Technical data
  • Inputs / outputs
    instrument input
    tuner output
    loop input
    loop output

    amplifier 1 output
    amplifier 2 output
    power supply input

  • Power supply
    Power supply: external supply  9 - 18V
    Current consumption: app. 200mA
  • Dimensions:
    Size: 220 x 150  x 60 mm (L x W x H)
    Weight: app.. 1000g
  • Parts in case:
    ESTE I
    Power supply
  • Este 

    - robust metal case
    - developed and manufactured in Germany

    - 2 adjustable amplifier outputs
    - low/high and 2 band mids EQ
    - effects loop

    - transformer coupled outputs


    Videos / Sound-Files

    Videos and sound files about
    ESTE I are here